Poem: Frozen City

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Snowed in streets and frosted glass,
all that is spread out before me.
Would that it washed away en masse,
or at the very least, out to sea.

Yet the people wear it nonetheless,
a sign of fortitude or madness?
I would rather choose minor stress,
and find a place less festered with drabness.

Image: (Luke Bubb)


Poem: Picking up the pieces.

Forgive me my past transgressions,
my heart was not used to love. 
Now my mind is filled with questions,
of what I was once part of.

Will my humor ever recover?
and restore it’s former lively state.
Or will I in this darkness take cover,
and to heartbreak capitulate.

I hope I can pick up the pieces,
and try to find love again.
Hopefully my spirit increases,
and my love of life, I will retain.

Poem: Self Marooned Fisherman


Turning off the engine and the lights,
the fisherman let his boat come to a stall.
From the last light of sunset he saw his wake,
and knew he would go no further.

The fisherman had gone on his last voyage,
weary and seeking a final resting place.
Here in nature’s last frontier,
he would not find a nobler grave.

Poem: Lost Hope

Waking I feel naught but sorrow,
Will I ever see you again?
I dread to wake up tomorrow,
knowing I’ll end up in my den.

Hope has lost its faith in me,
faith is truth I cannot find.
I wish there was a light to see.
Then maybe I’d have peace of mind.

Poem: A Day With You

Here’s an attempt of mine on a love poem. Hardly anything to speak of but I want to add in something more lively than the stuff I usually upload here.

Come around darling, 
we’ll stay for a day.
I’ll try to be charming,
if not, I’ll like you anyway.

I’ll try to avoid a trite cliche,
such as going to a cafe.
Instead I want you for myself,
but stay away from by bookshelf.

Poem: Worthless


Just a short poem I thought I’d share with you guys, I didn’t mean for it to be so dark but I couldn’t bring myself around to change it.

Worthless hours, worthless day.
Worthless man that lived it.

To keep on going without change,
Would that be worse than dying?

“Struggle on,” he says to himself,
and stores away his darkness.