About: TheNightShiftGuy

Hello, I’m the nightshiftguy (I work the night-shift).

My blogsite covers literature, film&TV, travel, video games, politics and life in general. Mostly, I started the blog to improve my own writing in English as I am not a native speaker of the language and I hope maintaining this website will help out with that.

Thanks for checking out my site, hope you enjoy my writing.



5 thoughts on “About: TheNightShiftGuy

  1. What a smart reason for starting a blog. Is it helping you to speak better English? Is English something you use on the night shift?

    I’m visiting today after seeing your post at the Community Pool. I do like your writing. I wondered if you might consider putting up some images as well. The one at the top of the blog is beautiful. I think of your country looking at it. Iceland is such a majestic place.

    When I read your thoughts on the book(s) you like, I longed to see a book cover, or an image from one of the pages. There may be a meme or a gif you’d like to put up as well.

    Just some mentions.

    Highest and Best


    1. Hey Sparkyjen ty for commenting. I am a student of English at the uni. of Iceland thats why im trying to improve myself with this blog. Regarding pics on the blog its not something I gave much thought until you mentioned it, Ill add some images the next time I post for sure. The image on the top of my site is a picture of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, taken during the 2010 eruption

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