The Starbucks Marxist

Image result for starbucks hipsters

The Starbucks Marxist tweets out #ResistCapitalism on his made in China Iphone. He does not care that they were made by people who live under a Communist regime which exploits their labor.

The Starbucks Marxist wears trendy clothes advertised by the big corporations. He is blind to this hypocrisy just as he is blind with his politics (and fashion sense, I might add).

The Starbucks Marxist preaches the glories of Communism from the comfort of his privately owned home, on his privately owned computer he bought with salary he collected from a privately owned corporation he chooses to work for.

Please, don’t be a Starbucks Marxist. If you want to preach a socialist revolution, at least get your own principles straight and practice what you preach. #WhereAreTheRealCommies?


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