My thoughts on Trump shunning the WHCA Dinner

President Trump has come under a lot of fire by the mainstream media recently as he chose to shun the traditional White House correspondents dinner. Personally, I think it is fantastic that Trump chose to ignore the dinner since it has for the past decades drifted away from its intended purpose of raising money for scholarships in journalism studies and has turned into a complete farce.

In fact the White House correspondents dinner of today has devolved into a who’s who of top White House officials, corporate media lobbyists and celebrity guests. Including Trump himself in 2011, for example. The liberals of today decried Trump for refusing to attend, calling it a break of tradition and a sign of Trumps hostility to the press.

Frankly, the dinner should simply be abolished. It is a sign of corruption to have the media cozy up to the government and getting their cases heard to anyone in power that will lend them an ear. Trump’s refusal to attend is perfectly in line with his anti-lobbyist agenda he campaigned on.


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