Engineering Scandals


I know I am late to discuss this topic but I know that most of my readers are not Icelandic and therefore probably don’t know what I’m talking about. A few weeks ago Reykjavík’s Catholic church Laugarneskirkja opened its doors to two Iraqi asylum seekers, they were in Iceland trying to get asylum after being previously rejected in Norway. They were offered sanctuary in the church after being noted that their asylum requests had been rejected and they had to leave the country. Instead of accepting the ruling and abiding by the law they chose instead to take the churches offer of sanctuary, a term which has no modern legal binding. When the police was inevitably called to forcibly remove them from the premises and take them to the airport the media and bystanders were ready to film the event.

What I find disingenuous about this whole affair is the implication that these men are being sent to their deaths in their home country of Iraq. I understand that Iraq is a dangerous country with problems of terrorism but that does not grant every single inhabitant of that country automatic asylum in the west. I do not believe the reckless fear-mongering that we are fed about these men, that they will become victims of the Islamic State once they return to Iraq. There is no evidence to support that claim and I’m fairly certain that the Islamic State does not hunt down ordinary civilian refugees, especially these days when it is rapidly approaching the end of its days.  


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