Paris: Fortified City

Last week I spent four days in Paris. I had a wonderful time exploring the city’s different districts and eating French delicacies. My hotel was in a central location close to Haussman Boulevard and the Gran Boulevards metro station. Due to my short stay in Paris I did not get the opportunity to do everything I wanted but I did get to see the Les Invalides Museum and Napoleon’s tomb, which was more or less the point of my vacation. I then visited the Eiffel Tower but I didn’t want to wait in a line for hours to get up to the top. My stay was made somewhat less enjoyable by torrential rainfall for two days straight, some sunshine would have been great but the enemy of a good vacation is the dream of a perfect one. 

One thing that struck me was the sheer number of armed policemen that patrol the city streets. Obviously the threat of terrorism is very real in France after the events of 13.11.15 where 137 people lost their lives to a terrorist attack by IS (Islamic State). It made me sad to think about the fact that Paris will, for the foreseeable future, require armed police and military personnel around major tourist attractions and other crowded areas. It is saddening to see such a great city like Paris have to resort to these measures and the presence of the soldiers act as a constant reminder of the November attacks and the possibility of more acts of terror in the future. I hope that Parisians do not let the terrorists break the spirit of their beautiful city, which, as we must remember has survived two world wars and a few revolutions. If you dear reader have a wish to visit Paris I implore you to do so and not let the terrorists scare you away, after all that is what they want.    


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