On Blogging: A Gripe With “Blogging Tips”

Since I started blogging on WordPress last month I’ve noticed a trend among many blog-sites that I find annoying. This trend is the blog post about blog posts, where the author tries to impart some of their own experience to potential future bloggers. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to help others getting started with a potential new hobby, I cannot help but wonder if there is not an ulterior motive behind many of these posts. After all, they often seem to target the widest possible group of writers/readers with a clickbait-y headline which usually promises more followers. I suspect most of those new followers are not really intended for anyone that reads the article but rather for the person that wrote it. 

Personally I feel that blogging should be an entirely independent way for a person to pass on to others whatever it is that they are thinking or doing. These “blog tip” articles will not really help anyone who does not have any true passion to let others know what they think to begin with. Therefore, I implore all bloggers to stay away from most of these so called “blog tip” posts and simply go with their guts. Let your mind go free and the dice fall where they may and if people do not like it you should not have to change your ways to appease them.   


4 thoughts on “On Blogging: A Gripe With “Blogging Tips”

  1. I’m of the opinion that “tips” are for people who want to monetize their blog. They need a lot of followers to make that goal come true. Otherwise, I’m with you. I want to interact with my followers, and couldn’t see my way successfully doing this if I had thousands. I simply enjoy blogging for bloggings’ sake!

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