Whaling: A Dying Industry

It would seem that at last the Icelandic whaling industry is in its death throes. The company Hvalur hf. which is the only company that does whaling in Iceland has suspended its activities for the summer. This means that 2016 will be the first year in decades in which no whaling takes place. Kristján Loftsson owner and CEO of Hvalur hf. has cited a reduction in demand from Japanese consumers as the basis for the decision. Market demand for whale meat in Iceland is very low and only marginally better in Japan as more and more Icelanders and Japanese consumers stop buying the product.

Personally I am against whaling and I am glad to see it stop. Like most young Icelanders I find whale meat to be unappealing and I have only tasted it a handful of times. Hopefully, this hiatus in whaling will be permanent thus ending Iceland’s whaling industry for good. I am only saddened that its end did not come sooner. 

Pictured are two of the whaling ships of the company Hvalur hf. Note the cut away on the ships bow, that is where the harpoon gun is fired from. Those boats are inactive and the gun is not present.


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