Beautiful pictures of a historic river.

Enchanted Forests

The Himalayas, The River Indus and Ladakh. Need I say more.

A Splendid combination to be Spellbound.

An Avenue of “Leafless Poplars” ( do check out a previous blog by this title)  leads to the “Buddhist Bridge” over the River Indus.

road to the bridge Road to the Bridge

The Mighty Himalayas  look upon this quaint Bridge over the River Indus.

the bridge over the indus The “Buddhist” Bridge

A Bounty of Prayer Flags compelled me to name this Quaint Bridge, “The Buddhist Bridge”

the buddhist bridge Blessed by Buddhist Prayer Flags

An earlier post titled “ORIGIN OF INDIA” reveals some secrets around this mighty River which Originates from the Glaciers of Tibet.

the indus from the bridge Behold the Majestic  Indus

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